Magic Tag Resistant Markers

Labels are vital to successful experiments, but they are in constant danger of smudging or becoming worn. When labels come off, effort and time are wasted. There are few practical solutions. How to best label is perhaps the oldest problem in science.

We haven't found a good solution using hundreds of permanent markers and dozens of labeling machines. Permanent lab markers come off with alcohol, routine handling, freezing, and even water. Tape, to protect the ink or provide a better writing surface, provides only a slight improvement. Running to your desk to print labels becomes a chore and breaks up momentum. Besides, most labeling, the kind of labeling or marking done mid-experiment to keep track of things or steps, is not well suited for sticky little labels.

The Magic Tag Engineering Marker provides permanent writing that withstands abrasion and solvents - from soapy water to alcohol and even autoclaving and freezing!

Forget about the days of painstaking labeling; our Engineering Marker does all the work for you! Use it during any experiment. Magic Tag Markers is the quickest solution for labeling beakers, tubes, bottles, jars, vials, and more, no matter your situation.

Its tough ink makes sure your marker stays put. No more smudges or smears with our quality ink! Magic Tag Markers are a time-saving solution for the scientist with no time to waste.